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Lovetower Entertainment are proud to play host to  Farfetched Productions, an animation company based in the north of England who along with other things produce Warped World.  Watch the FarFetched Show Reel below.

Farfetched Productions UK Logo
Farfetched Logo

Here  are a few more examples of what FarFetched Productions do. We create a wide variety of screen content to suit our customers needs. For example for RE-found Objects, a cool and quirky lifestyle shop in the Tyne Valley. In February 2015 Farfetched spent three nights in the closed shop creating the stop frame animation 'After Hours'. In addition to this made  a stinger and later a Halloween Instagram post.  Directed by R.Henderson Animated by R.Henderson and J.Tate.


2020 has been a difficult year full of emotions and uncertainties. RE asked Farfetched Productions to come up with an animation to be released at the end of the year.

Enjoy REvolution, REthink, REfocus. Music By Cooler Than Lo-Fi, available to buy here.


All music created by R.Henderson for Lovetower Entertainment 2020

refound Anchor

In the summer of 2015 a brand new Skegness Aquarium opened its doors to the public. Farfetched Productions were  commissioned to create animations for the massive 15m x 2m screen on the front of the building. Farfetched Productions went on to create animations for Halloween, Christmas and New Year. In addition to this various animations for screens inside the aquarium.

Music written and produced by R.Henderson for Lovetower Entertainment. Copyright 2020.

2020 Skegness Aquarium  We Are Open Promotional Video

Stills from Creepier Crawlies big screen animation 2017. Skegness Aquarium.


FarFetched productions also do print ready graphic design work.

Get in touch for all your multi media needs. Contact:


Warped World


Watch the first epic Warped World cartoon 'The Mythical Pigeon' featuring the voice of North East News presenter Mr Colin Briggs. The story unfolds as our main character Otis decides to buy a pigeon at an auction!

Wet your appetite first and watch the exciting cinema trailer

The Mythical Pigeon Trailer

WOW! Now strap yourselves in for Warped World's very first animated offering. In glorious 4:3, click the button below to watch the full cartoon

Warped World is the brainchild of Paul Mcgee brought to life by Farfetched Productions. The cartoons below feature the voice of TV legend Jim Bowen (Bullseye)

as he narrates Warped World Presents Three Short Stories.

Warped World Presents... 'Three Short Stories' narrated by Jim Bowen

The Erotic Shenanigans Of Terry O'Rourke

Lovetower Entertainment
The Erotic Shenanigans Of Terry O'Rourke
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All Categories
The Erotic Shenanigans Of Terry O'Rourke

The Erotic Shenanigans Of Terry O'Rourke

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The Sanctimonious Goings On Of Ernest McSweatykeister

The Sanctimonious Goings On Of Ernest McSweatykeister

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The Stomach Churning Exploits of Simon Thornton

The Stomach Churning Exploits of Simon Thornton

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