Name Of The Game

Boogie Brown Town

Look At The Sky

Ricardo Lovetower ft ODB


Sumo Butterfly

 Video for RIcardo Lovetower's "Look At The Sky" Video Edited by Railinz. You can free downlad here 

Animated music video by Railinz for

Boogie Brown Town's

"Name Of The Game".

Part of an EP available on 

iTunes and Spotify 1st March 2019

Music video for Sumo Butterfly. Video by Railinz.


Dusted Angels

Video shot in LA .

Track available to buy here

Jupiter Remix

The APX/ Ricardo Lovetower

Both track and video remixed by Ricardo Lovetower.

Final Episode

Dusted Angels

Track available to buy here.

Check out Dusted Angels on Spotify

That'll Never Happen Coz

You're A Doil . BU

Livin It Up - Ricardo Lovetower

Vs Freddie Mercury

Lucky No 7 and Ricardo Lovetower

Number One

Video for the classic BU track brought to life by FarFetched  Productions. Shot on location in Jesmond, Newcastle Upon Tyne. UK.  Wailing Piglet Records 

Music Video for Ricardo Lovetower's "Livin' It Up" featuring found audio footage of the great Freddie Mercury. Edited by Railinz, the video contains footage from Freddie himself paired with the Bollywood

film Kab Kyoon aur Kahan.

 You can check out other Lucky No7 

on Spotify. click here 

Slow - Down

Dusted Angels


Pete Beat

Video edited by Railinz for Dusted Angels. Using found footage from the National Geographic Channel it focusses on consumerism and its effects on the planet. 

Animated music video by FarFetched Productions for Pete Beat.

Hosted by our good friends Peep!

New album available on Spotify.