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Thanks for dropping by ya knackas. Wailing Piglet Records is primarily the home of BU, a music collective based in the north east of England with the core being four brothers from Middlesbrough.
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BU: Four brothers from Middlesbrough starting out as BUMM (had to change their names due to legal reasons) create perfectly perverted pychadelic pop. Love songs, serial killer songs, campfire music, not forgetting the beautiful enchanting songs about nature and general things in life! Check out BU's latest releases and back catalogue.
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RIM: Two geordie creatives striving for the answer with a selection of downtempo trip hop. Click and listen to their debut e.p.
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Essence Of Man: A branch of BU specialising in mad sampling tactics along with creating zero budget music videos.

They just can't help it!
The Bad Influence: Bad bad boys too busy to get it together except on this GANSTA SHIT. This is what burning that candle at both ends
looks like. Silly, fun and highly self indulgent. 
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